About Sunming/關於三鳴

The founding team of Sunming invented the world’s first and smallest OIS (Optical Imaging Stabilization) VCM (Voice Coil Motor) and our invention has given users of over 10 million mobile phones the experience of anti-shaking photo-taking. In year 2014, the team took a great step forward to establish the Sunming Technologies (HK) Limited in Hong Kong. Being funded by investors from the US, Singapore, and Taiwan, now, Sunming owns a production facility in mainland China and a strong team of people specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing in VCM (with both Auto-Focus and OIS capabilities). We are currently the owner of more than 10 patents in the design of VCM, and besides for mobile phones, our products are also used in sports camera and surveillance cameras. We offer comprehensive solutions for testing the performance of VCMs at production.

With our expertise in the simulations of EM field, optics, mechanics and excellent precision manufacturing capability (precision to 5um), we are also focusing on optical product development such as zooming lens and VR optics.

三鳴的團隊研發了全球首個的微型光學防震(OIS)音圈馬達(VCM),並為超過一千萬台手提電話提供穩定的拍照體驗。在二零一四年,我們在香港成立了三鳴科技(香港)有限公司,並獲得來自美國、新加坡及台灣的投資者支持。現在,三鳴在國內擁有生產設施及一支強大的團隊,專門負責新產品研發、生產、銷售及巿場策劃。我們現時擁有超過十個VCM方面的專利,而且,我們的AF+OIS VCM 產生不僅應用於手機上,亦在運動相機及監察攝像上大放異彩。我們更為生產商提供針對各種VCM性能測試的解決方案。此外,我們亦利用在電磁場模擬、光學、機械的專業知識及精密的加工技術(精確度達五微米級別),開發其他切合巿場需要的光學產品,包括變焦鏡頭及虛擬實景技術。